Reduce Moisture

During dry ageing, the relative humidity of the chamber needs to be controlled to a desirable level. Salt absorbs moisture from the air, allowing for an optimal dry ageing environment.


During the dry-ageing process, bacterial growth is restricted, this is essential to avoid unwanted spoilage. Some moulds however helps to create enzymes which  break down the muscle and sinew resulting in a more tender and flavourful dry-aged meat.


Salt is an excellent way to help clean the air of unwanted bacteria in the air. Maintaining an optimal enviroment in the dry-ageing chamber is required for a quality maturation period.

Great Flavour

Dry-aged steaks are most renowned for their very beefy, earthy and buttery rich flavour. Our salt chamber helps us bring you the optimal maturation for the quality meats we start with. This all means that we care, a lot, about flavour!

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