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L. Buckle Butchers

33 Hutton Road,


CM15 8JU


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Family Butchers 
Est. 1957

We are proud that we still use old traditional methods in butchery that we used in 1957 when L Buckle began, in addition utilising modern methods, like Salt Ageing, to amplify the flavour. Our goal is to provide a friendly service while delivering  prime  products for our customers.

There have been three generations trading here in Shenfield for sixty years. Starting with Joseph Buckle in 1957, the butchery was created and named after his wife, Laura Buckle. The shop was formed and the longstanding traditional style butchery has been kept alive through the generations. Michael Buckle joined his father in 1963 and in 1983 Deane Buckle joined the team and is now  the he current proprietor of L. Buckle Butchers.

Our Traditions
& methods.

We use traditional butchery methods, buying whole sides of beef, whole pigs and lambs with the occasional primal cut​s of selected sirloins and ribs. This gives us the ability to provide a wide and custom range to our customers needs.

We are still using a family run wholesaler in Essex that we have dealt with for decades.


Our most recent addition to our service is adding salt walls to our maturation chamber in order to create an ideal environment for dry ageing beef.

high class butcher &
meat purveyor
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